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Aleutian$94049$ - traduzione in italiano

Aleutian Trench and Arc; Aleutian Trough; Alaska-Aleutian megathrust; Aleutian Megathrust; Alaskan/Aleutian Megathrust Fault; Alaska/Aleutian megathrust; Aleutian megathrust; Aleutian-Alaska megathrust; Alaskan megathrust; Alaska megathrust

adj. delle isole Aleutine (vicino l"Alaska)
Aleutian Islands         
  • Creole]] woman in the Aleutian Islands
  • [[Steller sea lion]]s haul out on [[Amak Island]]
  • Massacre Bay]], Attu Island during the [[Battle of Attu]], May 11, 1943
  • Attu village, [[Attu Island]] in June 1937
  • Cape Promontory, Cape Lutkes on [[Unimak Island]] in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska.
  • A Creole winter home in [[Unalaska]], Aleutian Islands.
  • crab boats]]
  • Transient [[orca]]s near Unimak Island, eastern Aleutian Islands
  • [[Adak Island]]'s climate creates a [[tundra]]
  • Active Aleutian volcanoes.
  • Adak]], Adak Island
  • The Aleutian Islands from 32,000 feet (9,700 m).
  • [[Unalaska Island]] in the Aleutian Islands.
  • Russian Orthodox Church on Unalaska Island
Aleutian Island; Aleutians; Aleutian islands; Aleutian Islands (Alaska); Aleutian Islands National Wildlife Refuge; Catherine Archipelago; Aleutine; Aleutian Chain; Alution Islands; Aleutian chain; Aluetion Islands; Aluetian Islands; Aleutian Archipelago; Aleutian Island Chain; Aleutian Islands tundra; The Aleutians; The Aleutian Islands; Aleut Islands; Aleutic Islands; Fauna of the Aleutian Islands; History of the Aleutian Islands; Geology of the Aleutian Islands
isole aleutine, arcipelago di circa 200 isolotti vulcanici nei pressi dell"Alaska


·adj ·Alt. of Aleutic.


Aleutian Trench

The Aleutian Trench (or Aleutian Trough) is an oceanic trench along a convergent plate boundary which runs along the southern coastline of Alaska and the Aleutian islands. The trench extends for 3,400 kilometres (2,100 mi) from a triple junction in the west with the Ulakhan Fault and the northern end of the Kuril–Kamchatka Trench, to a junction with the northern end of the Queen Charlotte Fault system in the east. It is classified as a "marginal trench" in the east as it runs along the margin of the continent. The subduction along the trench gives rise to the Aleutian Arc, a volcanic island arc, where it runs through the open sea west of the Alaska Peninsula. As a convergent plate boundary, the trench forms part of the boundary between two tectonic plates. Here, the Pacific Plate is being subducted under the North American Plate at a dip angle of nearly 45°. The rate of closure is 7.5 centimetres (3 in) per year.