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Alfred Binet - traduzione in Inglese

Binet, alfred; A. Binet; Binet, Alfred; Binetian; Alfredo Binetti
  • Reproduction of an item from the 1908 Binet-Simon intelligence scale, showing three pairs of pictures, about which the tested child was asked, "Which of these two faces is the prettier?" Reproduced from the article "A Practical Guide for Administering the Binet-Simon Scale for Measuring Intelligence" by J. W. Wallace Wallin in the March 1911 issue of the journal ''The Psychological Clinic'' (volume 5 number 1), public domain.

Alfred Binet         
Alfred Binet (1857-1911), psicologo e ricercatore francese, contribuì allo sviluppo di uno dei primi test dell"intelligenza
Alfred Nobel         
  • Portrait of Nobel by Gösta Florman (1831–1900)
  • Alfred Nobel at a young age in the 1850s
  • The birthplace of Alfred Nobel at [[Norrlandsgatan]] in [[Stockholm]].
  • left
  • Björkborn]], Nobel's residence in [[Karlskoga]], Sweden
  • Front side of one of the Nobel Prize medals
Alfred B. Nobel; Alfred Bernhard Nobel; Nobel, Alfred; Alfred nobel; Alfred Nobel's; List of inventions by Alfred Nobel
n. Alfred Nobel (ingegnere e filantropo svedese)
Alfred Tennyson         
  • Vanity Fair]]'', 22 July 1871
  • ''Alfred Tennyson'', portrait by P. Krämer
  • The Lady of Shalott]]'', 1888 ([[Tate Britain]], London)
  • Stained glass at [[Ottawa Public Library]] featuring [[Charles Dickens]], [[Archibald Lampman]], [[Walter Scott]], [[Lord Byron]], Tennyson, [[William Shakespeare]], and [[Thomas Moore]]
  • Statue of Lord Tennyson in the chapel of [[Trinity College, Cambridge]]
  • 161x161px
  • Arms of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, in an 1884 stained-glass window in the Hall of [[Trinity College, Cambridge]]
  • Monument to Tennyson on [[Tennyson Down]], Isle of Wight
  • arbour]] at [[Farringford House]], his home in the village of [[Freshwater, Isle of Wight]].
Alfred Lord Tennyson; Lord Tennyson Alfred; Alfred Tennyson; Alfred Tennyson, Lord Tennyson; Lord Alfred Tennyson; Lord Tennyson; Tennyson, Alfred, 1st Lord; A Tennyson; Alfred Lord Tennison; Alfred Tennyson Tennyson; Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson; Tennyson (poet); Tennyson; A. tennyson; Baron Alfred Tennyson; Tennysonian; Al Tennyson
n. Alfred Tennyson, (1809-1892) poeta inglese dell"epoca vittoriana e autore di "The Charge of the Light Brigade" e "Maud"


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II. Pennyworth ·noun A penny's worth; as much as may be bought for a penny.
III. Pennyworth ·noun Hence: The full value of one's penny expended; due return for money laid out; a good bargain; a bargain.


Alfred Binet

Alfred Binet (French: [binɛ]; 8 July 1857 – 18 October 1911), born Alfredo Binetti, was a French psychologist who invented the first practical IQ test, the Binet–Simon test. In 1904, the French Ministry of Education asked psychologist Alfred Binet to devise a method that would determine which students did not learn effectively from regular classroom instruction so they could be given remedial work. Along with his collaborator Théodore Simon, Binet published revisions of his test in 1908 and 1911, the last of which appeared just before his death.

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1. This is Alfred Binet, the founder of the IQ test.
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1. French psychologist Alfred Binet developed an intelligence test about 1'05.
2. "Now there‘s a recognition that magicians are doing something very special." Some of the founders of modern psychology were fascinated by magicians÷ throughout the 18'0s, Alfred Binet, inventor of the modern IQ test, and Max Dessoir wrote about the ways in which magicians used suggestion and misdirected attention to get their illusions to work.