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Alfred North Whitehead - traduzione in Inglese

Alfred North Whitehead         
n. Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947), filosofo e matematico inglese, autore dell"opera "The Concept of Nature"
Alfred Nobel         
  • Portrait of Nobel by Gösta Florman (1831–1900)
  • Alfred Nobel at a young age in the 1850s
  • The birthplace of Alfred Nobel at [[Norrlandsgatan]] in [[Stockholm]].
  • left
  • Björkborn]], Nobel's residence in [[Karlskoga]], Sweden
  • Front side of one of the Nobel Prize medals
Alfred B. Nobel; Alfred Bernhard Nobel; Nobel, Alfred; Alfred nobel; Alfred Nobel's; List of inventions by Alfred Nobel
n. Alfred Nobel (ingegnere e filantropo svedese)
Alfred Tennyson         
  • Vanity Fair]]'', 22 July 1871
  • ''Alfred Tennyson'', portrait by P. Krämer
  • The Lady of Shalott]]'', 1888 ([[Tate Britain]], London)
  • Stained glass at [[Ottawa Public Library]] featuring [[Charles Dickens]], [[Archibald Lampman]], [[Walter Scott]], [[Lord Byron]], Tennyson, [[William Shakespeare]], and [[Thomas Moore]]
  • Statue of Lord Tennyson in the chapel of [[Trinity College, Cambridge]]
  • 161x161px
  • Arms of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, in an 1884 stained-glass window in the Hall of [[Trinity College, Cambridge]]
  • Monument to Tennyson on [[Tennyson Down]], Isle of Wight
  • arbour]] at [[Farringford House]], his home in the village of [[Freshwater, Isle of Wight]].
Alfred Lord Tennyson; Lord Tennyson Alfred; Alfred Tennyson; Alfred Tennyson, Lord Tennyson; Lord Alfred Tennyson; Lord Tennyson; Tennyson, Alfred, 1st Lord; A Tennyson; Alfred Lord Tennison; Alfred Tennyson Tennyson; Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson; Tennyson (poet); Tennyson; A. tennyson; Baron Alfred Tennyson; Tennysonian; Al Tennyson
n. Alfred Tennyson, (1809-1892) poeta inglese dell"epoca vittoriana e autore di "The Charge of the Light Brigade" e "Maud"


·noun A small quantity; a trifle.
II. Pennyworth ·noun A penny's worth; as much as may be bought for a penny.
III. Pennyworth ·noun Hence: The full value of one's penny expended; due return for money laid out; a good bargain; a bargain.


Alfred North Whitehead
Si occupò di logica, matematica, fisica, epistemologia, teologia e metafisica. Insieme a Bertrand Russell fu autore dei tre volumi di cui si compongono i Principia Mathematica, opera che si proponeva l'ambizioso programma di fondare la matematica sulla logica.
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1. Sir Alfred North Whitehead, held,
John Lennox _ 2084 - Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity _ Talks at Google
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1. Less need for approval In his final analysis, Shachtman invokes the theories of the great psychologists Abraham Maslow and Alfred North Whitehead to help him sort it all out.