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petit bourgeois      
piccolo borghese


petit bourgeois
also petty bourgeois
Someone or something that is petit bourgeois belongs or relates to the lower middle class.
He had a petit bourgeois mentality.
ADJ [disapproval]
Esempi dal corpus di testo per petit bourgeois
1. He isn‘t going to take dictation from jumped–up petit bourgeois who went to grammar schools and comprehensives." More....
2. For fortunately this petit–bourgeois Essex cuckoo that laid an egg in their working–class Devon nest was forgiven and accepted a long time ago.
3. Perhaps taking out a mortgage committed us to the capitalist system or having children encouraged petit bourgeois individualism of the most anti–social kind.
4. "The ability of good music to enthrall the masses has been sacrificed on the altar of petit–bourgeois formalism," charged the editorial, published two days after the Soviet leader attended a performance.
5. One, about new Soviet consumer goods produced for the occasion, described a matrimonial triple bed to be marketed under the slogan "Forever with Lenin." Communist ideology was prudish and imbued with petit–bourgeois family values.