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Cosa (chi) è Ş - definizione

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Ș (hoofdletter: Ș, kleine letter: ș) (s-komma, s-virgule) is een letter uit het Roemeense alfabet, die de stemloze postalveolaire fricatief (sj) weergeeft.
S (numismatiek)
S is de negentiende letter uit het moderne Latijnse alfabet. De letter S kan verwijzen naar:
S (letter)         
  • Versierde S door de schilder [[James Tissot]] (ca. 1890)
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Letter s
De letter S is de 19e letter in het moderne Latijnse alfabet. De Semitische letter Šîn werd uitgesproken als /ʃ/, de klank 'sh' in het moderne Engelse en Nederlandse shirt.


Ś is een S met een accent aigu. Het teken komt in veel talen voor:
Esempi dal corpus di testo per Ş
1. Call 143–3562.ş MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL SEVENTH–DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH, '/3 Nagatinskaya Ulitsa, M.
2. THAILAND – Said 37 citizens would be evacuated to Syria. Ş EUROPE: AUSTRIA – 201 Austrians evacuated from Lebanon via bus.
3. Following are facts and figures on the evacuation plans, by country: Ş UNITED NATIONS – The U.N. has chartered a Cypriot ferry, the Serenade, capacity 600, to evacuate staff and families. Ş AFRICA: EGYPT – Two Egyptian air force C–130 transport planes flew home on Thursday with 202 Egyptians who travelled to Damascus. Ş ASIA & PACIFIC: AUSTRALIA – About 7,500 Australians with dual nationality have registered to evacuate.
4. During the past century, global surface temperatures have increased at a rate near 1.1'4;ş F/Century (0.6'4;ş C/Century), but the rate of temperature increase has been three times larger since 1'76, with some of the largest temperature increases occurring in the high latitudes.
5. The data analysis system used by NOAA for global temperature analyses over the past eight years indicates that 2005 would likely be the second–warmest year on record (1.06'4;ş F; 0.5''4;ş C above the 1880–2004 mean), marginally lower than 1''8.