-do - definizione. Che cos'è -do
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Cosa (chi) è -do - definizione

In het Japans is het suffix -do: pad of weg. In het westen zijn we vooral vertrouwd met deze uitgang in relatie tot de Japanse vechtkunsten.
*Do (zangeres), roepnaam van de zangeres Dominique van Hulst
Morro do Chapéu do Piauí         
Morro do Chapeu do Piaui
Morro do Chapéu do Piauí is een gemeente in de Braziliaanse deelstaat Piauí. De gemeente telt 6.
Esempi dal corpus di testo per -do
1. They do what they can do, and we do what we can do," 1st Sgt.
2. What do you do and how do you do it?‘ " recalled Gardner.
3. "We do the plumbing, we‘ll do the website, we can do customer service and we can do fulfilment," he says.
4. "The people who do this either do not know or do not care what damage they do.
5. "They do what they got to do and I do what I‘ve got to do, and then what happens is what we‘ve got to do," Genson said.