-gem - definizione. Che cos'è -gem
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Cosa (chi) è -gem - definizione

In de toponymie betekent -gem zoveel als 'huis van'. Deze afleiding dateert vanuit de Germaanse periode (5de - 10de eeuw).
Gem Theater         
Gem Variety Theater; The Gem
thumb|230px|Gem Theater omstreeks [[1878; de man in de wagen links is vermoedelijk Swearengen]]
GEM (band)         
GEM is een Nederlandse rockband uit Utrecht.
Esempi dal corpus di testo per -gem
1. Last year many American gem countries and European gem countries refused to go to the big gem auctions because they didn‘t want to prop up the government.
2. Gem Day is a ‘once–a–year‘ event, hosted by QVC, offering stunning jewellery designs incorporating exotic, unusual and some rare Gem stones from all over the world.
3. Switzer‘s efforts to develop a world–class gem collection.
4. Even without the promise of gold, Ouray is a gem.
5. Today, "Sofshavua Ragua" ("Relaxed Weekend") is considered a gem.