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Cosa (chi) è 8-ball - definizione

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8-ball is een vorm van poolbiljart die wordt gespeeld met 16 ballen, 1 speelbal (de witte) en 15 genummerde objectballen. De nummers 1 tot en met 7 noemen we de hele ballen, de nummers 9 tot en met 15 noemen we de halve ballen.
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Acht (getal); 8
Acht is het natuurlijke getal dat zeven opvolgt en aan negen voorafgaat. Het getal wordt weergegeven door het enkele cijfer 8.
Esempi dal corpus di testo per 8-ball
1. Back to Portsmouth In February 1''8 Ball returned to Portsmouth as manager but his contract was terminated on December ' 1''' after the club endured a near–fatal financial crisis and came close to relegation from Division One.
2. But Flintoff limited the late damage as he sent back McCullum with a full delivery and Oram‘s 8'–ball knock concluded in the next over, the 48th, when, seconds after being dropped by Flintoff at mid–on, he flicked to backward square leg off James Anderson.
3. "What being born–again means for me," he explains, "is that I‘m having so much fun in this interview that we‘re not going to go out an get an 8–ball of blow tonight and go crazy ... Inasmuch as I‘d like to do that, I‘ll just go home and read some scripture with the wife." Mmm.
4. "I read about this thing [satellite radio] in the early ‘'0s, and I thought it could do to FM what FM did to AM in the ‘70s," he said in May in an interview at XM‘s Washington headquarters. (See sidebar.) "FM had gotten overly ad–driven and, on the music side, had taken its eye off the 8–ball.