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A Curious Thing         
A Curious Thing (album)
A Curious Thing is het tweede album van de Schotse zangeres Amy Macdonald. Het verscheen op 5 maart 2010 en kwam een week later binnen op nummer 2 in de Nederlandse Album Top 100.
Curious (single)         
Curious (Tony Yayo single)
"Curious" is de tweede single van Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon, het debuutalbum van Amerikaanse rapper Tony Yayo. Het refrein wordt gezongen door R&B zanger Joe, en de track is geproduceerd door Sam Sneed, een producer die in het verleden veel met Dr.
Good Thing (Fine Young Cannibals)         
Good Thing
Good Thing is een nummer van de Britse band Fine Young Cannibals. Het is de tweede single van hun tweede en laatste studioalbum The Raw & the Cooked uit 1989, maar werd al in 1987 uitgebracht op een filmsoundtrack.
Esempi dal corpus di testo per A Curious Thing
1. But a curious thing has happened in this year‘s contest for the White House.
2. It‘s a curious thing: When discussing her TV special, "Liza with a ‘Z‘ " (which, above all, spotlights Liza Minnelli) the woman in the title keeps steering the talk to other names.
3. She had come to Saudi Arabia to help his wife, who had given birth to their first child a few days ago. «A curious thing I noticed while waiting here in the crowd since 10.30 a.m. in the morning was the gradual reduction in the period of extension for visa as the day advanced.
4. Fred Kasten, the cool voice of jazz on radio station WWOZ, introduced Marsalis one night recently –– two days before his 71st birthday –– declaring this "is the best place on the planet." It was a curious thing to say, here amid the shards of a battered city struggling to right itself.
5. In Hindu thought, a man who penetrates a hijra is not defined as gay." A curious thing, in all this, is that lesbians really do not get much of a mention (apart from the four lesbian rabbis to whom Rabbi Rich lays claim); it is all very Queen Victoria.