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  • O'Donnell
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O'Donnell (Texas)
O'Donnell is een plaats (city) in de Amerikaanse staat Texas, en valt bestuurlijk gezien onder Dawson County en Lynn County.
O'Donnell (metrostation)         
Estación de O'Donnell is een metrostation in het stadsdeel Retiro van de Spaanse hoofdstad Madrid. Het station werd geopend op 11 oktober 1979 en wordt bediend door lijn 6 van de metro van Madrid.
Kenneth O'Donnell         
  • Kenneth O'Donnell in het Witte Huis
Kenny O'Donnell
Kenneth Patrick "Kenny" O'Donnell (Worcester (Massachusetts), 4 maart 1924 – Boston (Massachusetts), 9 september 1977) was de campagnechef, assistent, adviseur en topman in het Witte Huis van de Amerikaanse president John F. Kennedy.
Esempi dal corpus di testo per O'Donnell
1. Chris Graying, Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, said: "I will be writing to Mr O"Donnell on Monday.
2. One indication of this was the announcement that Sir Gus O‘ Donnell, the permanent secretary to the Treasury, would succeed Sir Andrew Turnbull as secretary to the cabinet.
3. The outgoing cabinet secretarys valedictory lecture before handing over to Sir Gus ODonnell Wednesday July 27, 2005 I have been talking to a variety of audiences about civil service reform several times a week for three years.
4. Last night, the Conservatives announced they would be writing to Cabinet Secretary Gus O"Donnell to demand an investigation into the extent to which Mrs Blair has been ‘abusing‘ her husband‘s office to help her friends.
5. Also on Tuesday a select committee quizzes Sir Gus O‘ Donnell, the new cabinet secretary, for the first time since he took up the post, as it examines the role of political appointees in government and public service reform.