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Cosa (chi) è RAF Waddington - definizione

RAF Waddington         
Royal Air Force Station Waddington is een vliegbasis van de Royal Air Force in Waddington, ongeveer 7 km ten zuiden van Lincoln in Engeland.
R.A.F.; Raf
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RAF Brüggen         
RAF Bruggen; RAF Brueggen
RAF Brüggen was een steunpunt van de Britse luchtmacht (Royal Air Force), dat van 1953 tot 2001 operationeel was. Het steunpunt lag vlak bij het dorp Elmpt in de gemeente Niederkrüchten, 43 kilometer ten westen van Düsseldorf, vlak bij de Nederlandse stad Roermond aan de grens.
Esempi dal corpus di testo per RAF Waddington
1. Four T3 air defence fighters were launched from RAF Leeming, North Yorks, and RAF Waddington, Lincs, to confront the Russians.
2. He claims to have already broken the record twice on the ',000ft long runway at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.
3. The RAF Regiments units to be axed over the next three years are 37 Squadron based at RAF Wittering, 15 and 16 Squadrons based at RAF Honnington and 26 Squadron based at RAF Waddington.
4. "They reverted to English when they couldn‘t remember the Afghan Persian or Pashto – the two local languages – for certain words." The newspaper said that the transmissions were picked up by three converted Nimrods that are usually based at RAF Waddington, Lincolnshire, with 51 Squadron.
5. In a statement on the VTST website, the prince‘s office is quoted as saying: "His Royal Highness has fond recollections of his flight in Vulcan XL3'2 at RAF Waddington and was thrilled to hear that XH558 is to be rolled out of its hangar." Vulcans were long–range bombers designed and built during the Cold War to carry the nuclear deterrent of the 50s and 60s.