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Cosa (chi) è T-34 - definizione

  • T-34-85]]
  • T-34-76 door Polen gebruikt
  • T34-85 van Pools fabricaat in Poznań
  • Oeralvagonzavod in Nizjni Tagil. Hier werden tijdens de oorlog meer dan 35.000 T34-tanks gebouwd
T34; T 34
De T-34 was een middelzware tank die door het Rode Leger werd ingezet tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Tijdens die oorlog was het de meest geproduceerde tank ter wereld.
34 v.Chr.         
34 v. Chr.; -34
Het jaar 34 v.Chr.
RandstadRail 34         
Tramlijn 34 (Haaglanden); Randstandrail 34 (Haaglanden); Randstadrail 34
Esempi dal corpus di testo per T-34
1. I wonder what would have happened to military officials in the United States if spectators had seen billboards with Russian T–34 tanks at a parade of troops in Washington.
2. "There are Masonic symbols inside, and legend has it that not a single piece of glass was broken there when the church was captured by the French troops and then retaken by the Russians." Next up was a T–34 tank –– a monument to Soviet soldiers who died in Mozhaisk, where Nazi troops were stopped from pushing toward Moscow in late 1'41.