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Cosa (chi) è T-Mobile - definizione

T-mobile; T-Mobile Netherlands
T-Mobile (voluit: Telekom-Mobile) is een merknaam van het Duitse Deutsche Telekom AG. De merknaam is internationaal bekend van verschillende telecommunicatienetwerken.
T-Mobile Nederland         
T-mobile; T-Mobile Netherlands
T-Mobile Nederland (voluit: T-Mobile Netherlands B.V.
T-Mobile Team/2006         
Deze pagina geeft een overzicht van de wielerploeg T-Mobile Team in 2006.
Esempi dal corpus di testo per T-Mobile
1. A letter from a T–Mobile executive obtained by The Washington Post threatens to withhold T–Mobile products from dealers that offer the Helio and Amp‘d phones.
2. Catherine Zeta–Jones appears on camera for T–Mobile.
3. T–Mobile Looking at wireless broadband internet access.
4. T–Mobile seems to be standing still in an industry that‘s changing very rapidly." In defending its decision to hold on to T–Mobile USA, Deutsche Telekom has said it does not care if it is an also–ran.
5. More significant, Tuesday‘s victory allowed Armstrong to gain more time over his three biggest rivals – Jan Ullrich of Germany, with T–Mobile; Alexandre Vinokourov of Kazakhstan, also with T–Mobile; and Ivan Basso of Italy, with CSC.