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YAGO (Ontology)
YAGO (YAGO2s, Yet Another Great Ontology) is een grote semantische kennisbank, afkomstig van extractie uit Wikipedia, WordNet en GeoNames. Demo van YAGO
Yago Lamela         
SPAANS ATLEET (1977-2014)
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Bernard Yago         
Bernard Yago (Pass, juli 1916 - Abidjan, 5 oktober 1997) was een Ivoriaans kardinaal, aartsbisschop van het aartsbisdom Abidjan en metropoliet van de Ivoriaanse rooms-katholieke kerkprovincie.
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1. As an added bonus, The Fix –– along with screenwriter Gideon Yago and MTV veejay Sway –– will be moderating the event. 31 DAYS: Republican presidential candidates gather in Florida for the CNN–YouTube debate.
2. "If you‘re sitting at a dinner table and people are snorting and gurgling in ways you don‘t know how to deal with, just roll with it," said Gideon Yago, a former international news correspondent for MTV.
3. "Joe hosts an opinion program and is not a news reporter," a spokesman says. · Gideon Yago, who covered the last two presidential campaigns for MTV and donated $1,450 to Wesley Clark‘s campaign, Dean‘s group and the Democratic Party: "I don‘t understand.