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Wat (wie) is -ade - definitie

Adé; -ade; ADE (disambiguation); ADE; Ade (disambiguation)

¦ suffix forming nouns:
1. denoting an action that is completed: blockade.
2. denoting the body concerned in an action or process: brigade.
3. denoting the product or result of an action or process: arcade.
from Fr., via Port., Provencal, and Sp. -ada or via Ital. -ata, from L. -atus (past participial suffix of verbs ending in -are).
¦ suffix forming nouns such as decade.
var. of -ad1, from Fr. -ade, from Gk -as, -ad-.
¦ suffix forming nouns:
1. equivalent in sense to nouns ending in -ade1: brocade.
2. denoting a person: renegade.
from Sp. or Port. -ado, masculine form of -ada (see -ade1).
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Ade, Adé, or ADE may refer to:

Uitspraakvoorbeelden voor -ade
1. My son, Ade.
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2. this device, the ADE 651,
3. Give it up for Ade!
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4. Eric, David, Sue, Hillary, Sara, Ade.
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5. >>Ade: "My momma told me don't lose you
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Voorbeelden uit tekstcorpus voor -ade
1. Whereas a "fa ade of weakness" might constitute dangerous temptation.
2. I hope this means that Ade will come back to Burnley. – Alex Shaw, Burnley, England Wow it sounds like a close shave but surely what Ade really needs is a hair cut!
3. The small façade seems strikingly modern with its recessed windows and linear design.
4. Ade lies some 750 km (470 miles) east of the capital NDjamena.
5. Sheffield Disunited: Claude Davis (left) allegedly confronted Ade Akinbiyi while holding a razor Look here too...