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Alf; ALF programming language; Alf (mythology); ALF (disambiguation); Alf (disambiguation); ALF (programming language)

Alf (barque)         
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  • The Cromer Lifeboat ''Louisa Heartwell'', ON 495, being launched from Cromer Beach
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Inchgreen; Adolph Harboe; Barque Alf
Alf was a three-masted Norwegian barque which became stranded and then wrecked on 23 November 1909 on Haisbro Sands, off the coast of Norfolk.SC1408 Harwich and Rotterdam to Cromer & Terschelling Admiralty Small Craft Chart Coastal planning chart of the Harwich and Rotterdam to Cromer and Terschelling Scale: 1:300,000 She was originally built in 1876 as Inchgreen for Scottish owners.
ALF (proof assistant)         
ALF (theorem prover)
ALF ("Another logical framework") is a structure editor for monomorphic Martin-Löf type theory developed at Chalmers University. It is a predecessor of the Alfa, Agda, Cayenne and Coq proof assistants and dependently typed programming languages.



Alf or ALF may refer to:

Uitspraakvoorbeelden voor ALF
1. That was Alf Lennon.
Tune In - The Beatles - All These Years _ Mark Lewisohn _ Talks at Google
2. Now yet, Alf.
A Good Year (2006)
3. When we're using ALF, we're using the teeth
Dave Shirazi _ Talks at Google
4. is what's called an ALF, an Advanced Lightwire Functional.
Dave Shirazi _ Talks at Google
5. When Alf was back, John would see his dad.
Tune In - The Beatles - All These Years _ Mark Lewisohn _ Talks at Google
Voorbeelden uit tekstcorpus voor ALF
1. He was a genuine guy called Alf Duffield and Alf came in on the back of a very successful company.
2. "ALF members are more interested in finding out who is building the lab so they can threaten them than in attacking campaigners." But what of the ALF?
3. In 1'87, former Kansas Governor Alfred ("Alf") M.
4. Alf Landon was the GOP nominee for president in 1'36.
5. Get real. – Alf, Northampton, England Kirsten USA; Smiling?