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  • AT&T office in [[San Antonio]], Texas
  • [[AT&T Midtown Center]] in [[Atlanta]], Georgia
  • EFF]] court filings<ref name=kleinex/>
  • CEO [[Randall L. Stephenson]] at the 2008 [[World Economic Forum]]
  • [[AT&T Center]] in [[San Antonio]], Texas
AT and T; American Telephone and Telegraph Company; A.T.& T.; SBC Communications Inc.; SBC Communications Incorporated; 1-800-CALL-ATT; Southwestern Bell Corporation; SBC communications; 10-10-345 Lucky Dog; 10-10-345; SBC East; AT&T, Inc.; At&t; 10-10-345 Lucky Dog Phone Company; Sbc communications; Southwestern Bell Corp.; AT&T d/b/a names; SBC (1984-2005); AT&T Inc;; Sbcglobal; At & t; AT+T; NYSE:T; 1800-dial-att; AT&T logo; At&T; SBC Communications, Inc.; The New AT&T;; AT&T+SBC; At t; AT&T Connect; AT&T Inc.; Interwise; Ma Bell 2.0; ATandT; A.T.&T.; A. T. & T.; User:The Navigators/SBC Communications; SBC AT&T; 1800-CALL-ATT; 1-800-225-5288; The new American Telephone and Telegraph; Criticism of AT&T; At7t; SBC Communication, Inc.; Your world. Delivered.; Rethink possible.; AT&T payphone; SBC Global Networks; AT&T (2006); SBC BellSouth; The world's networking company.; AT&T America; AT&T Incorporated; AT&T Business; AT&T Telephone; America's largest telephone company; At&T Inc; SBC Corporation; SBC Global; ATNT; AT&T International; @ATT; AT&T Advertising and Analytics; SBCGlobal; American Tel. & Tel.; Acquisition of WarnerMedia by AT&T; My AT&T; AT&T Global Info Solutions
History of AT&T         
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  • AT&T as grasping octopus taking control of entire cities out West. from ''Telephony'' (April 1907) p. 235.
  • The [[AT&T Switching Center]] in Downtown Los Angeles.
  • The BellSouth logo
  • 500-type telephone set]], rented to U.S. telephone subscribers.
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  • The Bell System [[logo]] and [[trademark]] as it appeared in 1972.
  • AT&T's lines and metallic circuit connections. March 1, 1891.
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Teleport Communications Group; SBC Communications; Talk:AT&T/sandbox
The history of AT&T dates back to the invention of the telephone. The Bell Telephone Company was established in 1877 by Alexander Graham Bell, who obtained the first US patent for the telephone, and his father-in-law, Gardiner Greene Hubbard.
AT&T Technologies         
AT&T Technologies, Inc.
AT&T Technologies, Inc., was created by AT&T in 1983 in preparation for the breakup of the Bell System, which became effective as of January 1, 1984.


. Securities and Exchange Commission.
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1. AT&T Inc. was formed by SBC‘s acquisition of AT&T Corp. in November.
2. AT&T Inc. includes the AT&T Corp. and SBC Communications Inc.
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