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Wat (wie) is Caml Light - definitie

Caml Light; Categorical Abstract Machine Language; Catagorical Abstract Machine; CaML

Caml Light         
A small portable implementation of a version of CAML by Xavier Leroy <> and Damien Doligez of INRIA. Caml Light uses a bytecode interpreter written in C. It adds a Modula-2-like module system, {separate compilation}, lazy streams for parsing and printing, graphics primitives and an interface with C. Version 0.6 runs on Unix, MS-DOS, Macintosh, Atari ST and Amiga. It includes an interpreter, compiler, Emacs mode, libraries, scanner generator, {parser generator}, run-time support and an interactive development environment. The latest version, as of April 2003, is 0.75 and runs on Unix, Macintosh and Windows. The development of Caml Light has been stopped; current development is on Objective Caml. caml-light-eng.html"> caml-light/"> E-mail: <>. Mailing list: <>. Usenet newsgroup: (2003-04-12)
Categorical Abstract Machine Language         
<language> (Originally "CAML" - Categorical Abstract Machine Language) A version of ML by G. Huet, G. Cousineau, Ascander Suarez, Pierre Weis, Michel Mauny and others of INRIA and ENS. CAML is intermediate between LCF ML and SML [in what sense?]. It has first-class functions, {static type inference} with polymorphic types, user-defined {variant types} and product types, and pattern matching. It is built on a proprietary run-time system. The CAML V3.1 implementation added lazy and mutable data structures, a "grammar" mechanism for interfacing with the Yacc parser generator, pretty-printing tools, high-performance arbitrary-precision arithmetic, and a complete library. CAML V3 is often nicknamed "heavy CAML", because of its heavy memory and CPU requirements compared to Caml Light. in 1990 Xavier Leroy and Damien Doligez designed a new implementation called Caml Light, freeing the previous implementation from too many experimental high-level features, and more importantly, from the old Le_Lisp back-end. Following the addition of a native-code compiler and a powerful module system in 1995 and of the object and class layer in 1996, the project's name was changed to Objective Caml. ["The CAML Reference Manual", P. Weis et al, TR INRIA-ENS, 1989]. (2003-04-12)
<language> 1. A language for preparation of animated movies. 1976. (1994-11-09) 2. Categorical Abstract Machine Language. (2000-07-06)



Caml (originally an acronym for Categorical Abstract Machine Language) is a multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language which is a dialect of the ML programming language family. Caml was developed in France at INRIA and ENS.

Caml is statically typed, strictly evaluated, and uses automatic memory management. OCaml, the main descendant of Caml, adds many features to the language, including an object layer.