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Wat (wie) is MacLISP - definitie

MacLisp; MACLISP; Maclips; MacLISP

<language> A dialect of Lisp developed at MIT AI Lab in 1966, known for its efficiency and programming facilities. MacLisp was later used by Project MAC, Mathlab and Macsyma. It ran on the PDP-10. It introduced the LEXPR (a function with variable arity), macros, arrays, and CATCH/THROW. MacLisp was one of two main branches of LISP (the other being Interlisp). In 1981 Common LISP was begun in an effort to combine the best features of both. ["MACLISP Reference Manual", D.A. Moon <>, TR Project MAC, MIT 1974]. (2004-05-07)



Maclisp (or MACLISP, sometimes styled MacLisp or MacLISP) is a programming language, a dialect of the language Lisp. It originated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) Project MAC (from which it derived its prefix) in the late 1960s and was based on Lisp 1.5. Richard Greenblatt was the main developer of the original codebase for the PDP-6; Jon L. White was responsible for its later maintenance and development. The name Maclisp began being used in the early 1970s to distinguish it from other forks of PDP-6 Lisp, notably BBN Lisp.