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NSFNET; NSFnet; NSFNet; Nsfnet; National Science Foundation Net
  • 56K NSFNET Backbone, c. 1988
  • T1 NSFNET Backbone, c. 1991
  • T3 NSFNET Backbone, c. 1992
  • NSFNET Traffic 1991, NSFNET backbone nodes are shown at the top, regional networks below, traffic volume is depicted from purple (zero bytes) to white (100 billion bytes), visualization by NCSA using traffic data provided by the Merit Network.
  • NSF's three tiered network architecture
  • Packet Traffic on the NSFNET Backbone, January 1988 to June 1994

National Science Foundation NETwork (Reference: network, USA, Internet), "Style: NSFnet"
National Science Foundation Network         
(NSFNET) A high speed hierarchical "network of networks" in the US, funded by the National Science Foundation. At the highest level, it is a backbone network comprising 16 nodes connected to a 45Mb/s facility which spans the continental United States. Attached to that are mid-level networks and attached to the mid-levels are campus and local networks. NSFNET also has connections out of the US to Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. The NSFNET is part of the Internet. (1993-01-01)


National Science Foundation Network

The National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) was a program of coordinated, evolving projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) from 1985 to 1995 to promote advanced research and education networking in the United States. The program created several nationwide backbone computer networks in support of these initiatives. Initially created to link researchers to the NSF-funded supercomputing centers, through further public funding and private industry partnerships it developed into a major part of the Internet backbone.

The National Science Foundation permitted only government agencies and universities to use the network until 1989 when the first commercial Internet service provider emerged. By 1991, the NSF removed access restrictions and the commercial ISP business grew rapidly.

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