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Xt; XT (disambiguation); X.T.; X.t.; Xt.; X T

eXtended Technology (Reference: IBM, PC)
The intrinsics of the X Window System Toolkit. [What does that mean?]



XT may refer to:

Uitspraakvoorbeelden voor XT
1. So I had just got a Rebel XT, from Canon, and a Sigma 24-70
Underwater Puppies _ Seth Casteel _ Talks at Google
2. I had just got a Canon Rebel XT and a Sigma 24 to 70 lens.
Underwater Puppies _ Seth Casteel MTV _ Talks at Google
Voorbeelden uit tekstcorpus voor XT
1. N–trig estimates Dell will sell 200,000 to 300,000 of its Latitude XT model which will include the Israeli technology.
2. After I bought the Explorer, I discovered something called the International XT family — a breed of American trucks.
3. Recommended retail price in Finland ÷ EUR 4,'50 (Segway i180); EUR 4,350 (Segway p133); EUR 5,550 (Segway XT); EUR 5,'50 (Segway GT).
4. The Remote XT system would also automatically wipe clean all the information on the stolen mobile including phone numbers, photos and other data, after having saved them on a central computer server.
5. The Remote XT system uses built–in software to link customers‘ mobile phones directly to a secure remote server which stores all their data from phone numbers to text messages and emails.