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Ae; A.E.; A.e.; AE (disambiguation); Ae.; Ae (disambiguation); A E; A.E. (disambiguation)

Application Entity / Environment / Execution / Engineering (Reference: APE)
<networking> The country code for the United Arab Emirates. (1999-01-27)
·- ·Alt. of Ae.
II. Ae ·- A diphthong in the Latin language; used also by the Saxon writers. It answers to the ·Gr. ai. The ·AS short ae was generally replaced by a, the long / by e or ee. In derivatives from Latin words with ae, it is mostly superseded by e. For most words found with this initial combination, the reader will therefore search under the letter E.



AE, Ae, ae, Æ or æ may refer to:

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1. CNN‘s Sohn Jie–Ae in Seoul contributed to this report
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3. Meanwhile, Jang Hyon Ae placed third at the same event.
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