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Wat (wie) is c386 - definitie

A compiler for K&R C plus prototypes and other ANSI C features by Matthew Brandt, Christoph van Wuellen, Keith and Dave Walker. c386 is targetted to several 68000 and {Intel 80386} assemblers, including gas. floating-point support is by inline code or emulation. It can produce lots of warnings and generates better code than ACK. {c386-4.2.tar.Z">Version 4.2a (ftp://bugs.nosc.mil/pub/Minix/common-pkgs/c386-4.2.tar.Z)}. c386 has been ported to Intel 80386 and 68000 MINIX and should work on any Unix. It is actively worked on by the Walkers. Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.os.minix.