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Classes; Class (disambiguation); The Class (book); Outclass; The Class; The Class (film); The Class (disambiguation); Classes (disambiguation); Class (TV series); Class (song); Class (novel); The Class (novel)

1) to conduct, hold (a) class; to give, meet one's class; to schedule; reschedule a class
2) to attend, go to class; to sit in on a class (esp. AE)
3) to cut (esp. AE); miss a class
4) to call off, cancel; dismiss a class
5) an advanced; beginners'; intermediate class (to sit in on an advanced English class)
6) to form a class
7) the educated; leisure; lower; middle; privileged; ruling; social; underprivileged; upper; working class
8) (misc.) out of one's class ('outclassed'); in a class of one's own ('unsurpassed'); class conflict/struggle
division of travelers
9) cabin; economy; first; second; third; tourist class (to travel first-class)
group of pupils, students graduating together
10) the freshman; junior; senior; sophomore class
see classify1-4
·vi To grouped or classed.
II. Class ·noun A set; a kind or description, species or variety.
III. Class ·noun To divide into classes, as students; to form into, or place in, a class or classes.
IV. Class ·noun To arrange in classes; to classify or refer to some class; as, to class words or passages.
V. Class ·noun A number of students in a school or college, of the same standing, or pursuing the same studies.
VI. Class ·noun One of the sections into which a church or congregation is divided, and which is under the supervision of a class leader.
VII. Class ·noun A group of individuals ranked together as possessing common characteristics; as, the different classes of society; the educated class; the lower classes.
VIII. Class ·noun A comprehensive division of animate or inanimate objects, grouped together on account of their common characteristics, in any classification in natural science, and subdivided into orders, families, tribes, genera, ·etc.
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Class, Classes, or The Class may refer to:

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Voorbeelden uit tekstcorpus voor class
1. This will cost 32p first class and 23p second class.
2. Sharper class differences mean more rigid class differences as well.
3. Up to 250g costs 65p first class and 55p second class, and up to 500g costs '0p first class and 75p second class.
4. They consider themselves middle class, maybe upper middle class.
5. Forget the middle class and the upper–middle class.