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DBX; Dbx (disambiguation)

¦ noun trademark electronic circuitry designed to increase the dynamic range of reproduced sound.
1970s: from dB + x (representing expander).
Dbx (noise reduction)         
DBX (noise reduction); Dbx disc; Dbx-TV; Dbx Type I; Dbx Type II; Dbx Type B; Dbx II disc; Dbx I; Dbx II; Dbx (compander); Dbx Professional; Dbx 0; Dbx encoded disc; Dbx disc decoder; Dbx disc encoder; Dbx Disc Encoder; Dbx V; Dbx V NR; Dbx NR V; Dbx Type V; Dbx Type V NR; Dbx V noise reduction; Dbx Type V noise reduction; Dbx III; Dbx III NR; Dbx Type III; Dbx Type III NR; Dbx Type III noise reduction; Dbx III noise reduction; Dbx NR III; Dbx 3BX; Dbx 3BX dynamic range expander; Dbx Type II NR; Dbx Type II noise reduction; Dbx II noise reduction; Dbx II NR; Dbx I NR; Dbx Type I NR; Dbx Type I noise reduction; Dbx I noise reduction
dbx is a family of noise reduction systems developed by the company of the same name. The most common implementations are dbx Type I and dbx Type II for analog tape recording and, less commonly, vinyl LPs.
Dbx (company)         
  • The Panasonic RQ-J20X portable cassette player contains an integrated circuit based on the dbx Type II noise reduction system, branded dbx Way. Panasonic was a major user of dbx consumer technology.
  • dbx 160A compressor/limiter, is a widely used [[dynamic range compressor]].
  • Portastudio 244]] with dbx noise reduction processor.
DBX, inc.; Dbx, Inc.; Decibel expansion; Dbx IV; Dbx Type IV
dbx, Inc. is an American manufacturer of professional audio recording equipment owned by Harman International, a subsidiary of South Korea-based company Samsung Electronics.



dbx or DBX may refer to:

  • dbx (debugger), a Unix source-level debugger
  • dbx (company), a professional audio recording equipment company
    • dbx (noise reduction), a noise reduction system invented by dbx, Inc.
  • .dbx, the file extension for Microsoft Outlook Express data files
  • direct byte execution, a tagline used for Jazelle, one of the execution states found in ARM processors
  • DBX, annual Dropbox developer conference and NYSE ticker symbol for Dropbox
  • Aston Martin DBX, an automobile model

In music:

  • DBX, the stage name of turntablist Danny Marquez, formerly of Trik Turner
  • DBX, an alias of American minimal techno artist Daniel Bell
  • DBX, the Dave Brockie Experience
  • DBX, an English group composed of producers Pete Kirtley and Sacha Collisson, and singer-songwriter John James Newman
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