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Instruction set architectures; Instruction Set Architecture; Instruction Set; Instruction (computer science); Register pressure; Load/store instruction; Load/Store instruction; Electronic action; Zero address machine; Zero-address machine; 0-operand instruction set; Instruction width; Code density; Instruction Sets; Instruction(s) (computer science); Instruction (computing); Native instruction; Variable-length instruction word; Variable-width instruction; Variable width instruction set; Variable width instruction; Variable-width instruction set; Variable length instruction set; Variable length instruction; Variable-length instruction set; Variable-length instruction; Fixed length instruction set; Fixed length instruction; Fixed-length instruction set; Fixed-length instruction; Fixed-width instruction; Fixed-width instruction set; Fixed width instruction; Fixed width instruction set; SIMD instruction; Arithmetic and logic operation; Arithmetic/logic instruction; Load and store instructions; Instruction set; Classification of instruction set architectures
  • One instruction may have several fields, which identify the logical operation, and may also include source and destination addresses and constant values. This is the MIPS "Add Immediate" instruction, which allows selection of source and destination registers and inclusion of a small constant.

instruction set         
¦ noun Computing the complete set of instructions in machine code that can be recognized by a central processing unit.
instruction set         
<architecture> The collection of machine language instructions that a particular processor understands. The term is almost synonymous with "{instruction set architecture}" since the instructions are fairly meaningless in isolation from the registers etc. that they manipulate. (1999-07-05)
instruction set architecture         
<architecture> (ISA) The parts of a processor's design that need to be understood in order to write assembly language, such as the machine language instructions and registers. Parts of the architecture that are left to the implementation, such as number of superscalar functional units, cache size and cycle speed, are not part of the ISA. The definition of SPARC, for example, carefully distinguishes between an implementation and a specification. (1999-01-16)


Instruction set architecture

In computer science, an instruction set architecture (ISA), also called computer architecture, is an abstract model of a computer. A device that executes instructions described by that ISA, such as a central processing unit (CPU), is called an implementation.

In general, an ISA defines the supported instructions, data types, registers, the hardware support for managing main memory, fundamental features (such as the memory consistency, addressing modes, virtual memory), and the input/output model of a family of implementations of the ISA.

An ISA specifies the behavior of machine code running on implementations of that ISA in a fashion that does not depend on the characteristics of that implementation, providing binary compatibility between implementations. This enables multiple implementations of an ISA that differ in characteristics such as performance, physical size, and monetary cost (among other things), but that are capable of running the same machine code, so that a lower-performance, lower-cost machine can be replaced with a higher-cost, higher-performance machine without having to replace software. It also enables the evolution of the microarchitectures of the implementations of that ISA, so that a newer, higher-performance implementation of an ISA can run software that runs on previous generations of implementations.

If an operating system maintains a standard and compatible application binary interface (ABI) for a particular ISA, machine code will run on future implementations of that ISA and operating system. However, if an ISA supports running multiple operating systems, it does not guarantee that machine code for one operating system will run on another operating system, unless the first operating system supports running machine code built for the other operating system.

An ISA can be extended by adding instructions or other capabilities, or adding support for larger addresses and data values; an implementation of the extended ISA will still be able to execute machine code for versions of the ISA without those extensions. Machine code using those extensions will only run on implementations that support those extensions.

The binary compatibility that they provide makes ISAs one of the most fundamental abstractions in computing.

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