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ModulE; Modular; Modules; Module (computing); Modularity (disambiguation); Module (computer science); Modul; Software module; Software modules; Module (disambiguation)

A module is one of the separate parts of a course taught at a college or university. (BRIT)
These courses cover a twelve-week period and are organised into three four-week modules.
= unit
A module is a part of a spacecraft which can operate by itself, often away from the rest of the spacecraft.
A rescue plan could be achieved by sending an unmanned module to the space station.
¦ noun each of a set of standardized parts or independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure.
?each of a set of independent units of study or training forming part of a course.
?an detachable self-contained unit of a spacecraft.
C16: from Fr., or from L. modulus (see modulus).
n. a command; lunar; service module



Module, modular and modularity may refer to the concept of modularity. They may also refer to:

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1. module.
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2. Modulo 4.
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3. if you haven't done a module or another module that covers that module, intrinsically covers
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4. So this particular module, or one instance of the module,
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5. module, airtight adapter module, built between the two ships
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Voorbeelden uit tekstcorpus voor module
1. "Thank you guys for the (Harmony) module and all your help," she radioed to Discovery, referring to an Italian–built module delivered by the shuttle.
2. The modules being constructed by Lamprell for the FPSO will consist of lift gas compression modules, manifold module and power generation module, said Smith.
3. The CEV‘s configuration – a command module, service module, and lander – has an Apollo–era look, and it‘s not by accident, says Michael Griffin, NASA‘s administrator.
4. Similarly, there‘s no obvious reason why tunes stored on the music module couldn‘t be used as ringtones for the phone module.
5. It lifts the moon rocket and the lunar lander into low Earth orbit to await the arrival of the crew exploration vehicle, the combined service module–crew module.