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MS DOS - vertaling naar Engels

MS DOS      
MS DOS, sistema di avviamento del PC della società Microsoft
bad command or file name      
comando o nome di file scorretti, messaggio di errore MS-DOS che indica la impossibilità dell"elaboratore di eseguire un comando o un file o un programma particolare (inform.)
Uitspraakvoorbeelden voor MS DOS
1. And he called it MS DOS, and he said,
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2. So when the first PC went up for sale, MS DOS was $60.
The Success Equation - Untangling Skill and Luck _ Michael Mauboussin _ Talks at Google
Voorbeelden uit tekstcorpus voor MS DOS
1. The Microsoft–haters of this world (usually Apple owners) say they dislike MS because Bill Gates ‘stole‘ MS–DOS from a small firm and used it to create his Windows empire.
2. The claims first emerged in the late 1'80‘s when Microsoft and I.B.M. agreed to develop the OS/2 operating system, which was intended as a replacement for MS–DOS, the original operating system for the I.B.M.
3. "MS–DOS moved computer access from a community measured in thousands to one measured in millions," said Benn Konsynski, professor of business administration at Emory University‘s Goizueta Business School.