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NASA$51679$ - vertaling naar italiaans

Nasa (disambiguation); Nasa (footballer)

n. amministrazione spaziale e aereonautica nazionale
National Aeronautics and Space Administration         
  • Altair]] lander on the Moon
  • SLS with Orion rolling to Launch Complex 39B for tests, Mar 2022
  • NASA GSFC]], 2022
  • Richard Gordon]] performs a [[spacewalk]] to attach a tether to the [[Agena Target Vehicle]] on [[Gemini 11]], 1966.
  • [[Buzz Aldrin]] on the Moon, 1969 (photograph by [[Neil Armstrong]])
  • ISS]] to address key health risks for space travel
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  • Near Earth Network Ground Stations, 2021
  • Artist rendering of ICESat in orbit, 2003
  • An artist's conception, from NASA, of an astronaut planting a US flag on Mars. A [[human mission to Mars]] has been discussed as a possible NASA mission since the 1960s.
  • William H. Pickering]], (center) JPL Director, President [[John F. Kennedy]], (right). NASA Administrator [[James E. Webb]] (background) discussing the [[Mariner program]], with a model presented.
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  • Concepts for how the first human landing site on Mars might evolve over the course of multiple human expeditions
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  • <div align="center">Short 2018 documentary about NASA produced for its 60th anniversary</div>
  • Video of many of the uncrewed missions used to explore the outer reaches of space
  • Administrator [[Bill Nelson]] (2021–present)
  • NASA EDGE broadcasting live from [[White Sands Missile Range]] in 2010
  • Schematic of NASA Earth Science Division operating satellite missions as of February 2015
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  • Soviet and American crews with spacecraft model, 1975
  • [[L. Gordon Cooper]], photographed by a [[slow-scan television]] camera aboard ''[[Faith 7]]'' (May 16, 1963)
  • 105}} during [[STS-134]]
  • 103}} at the start of [[STS-120]]
  • [[Skylab]] in 1974, seen from the departing [[Skylab 4]] CSM
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  • X-15 in powered flight
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Amministrazione nazionale dell"aereonautica e dello spazio, NASA
space shuttle         
  • RS-25 ignition
  • ''Columbia'']] undergoing installation of its ceramic tiles
  • ''Atlantis'' after its, and the program's, final landing
  • The crawler-transporter with ''Atlantis'' on the ramp to LC-39A for [[STS-117]]
  • ''Discovery'' being prepared after landing for crew disembarkment
  • ''Endeavour'' docked at ISS during the STS-134 mission
  • MV ''Freedom Star'' towing a spent SRB to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
  • [[Story Musgrave]] attached to the RMS servicing the [[Hubble Space Telescope]] during [[STS-61]]
  • ''Enterprise'' during the [[Approach and Landing Tests]]
  • [[RS-25]] engines with the two [[Orbital Maneuvering System]] (OMS) pods
  • Solid rocket booster (SRB) separation during STS-1
  • [[Spacelab]] in orbit on [[STS-9]]
  • Atlantis]]'' was the first Shuttle to fly with a [[glass cockpit]], on [[STS-101]].
  • Endeavour]]''
  • 48}}}}
  • brake parachute]] after landing on [[STS-124]]
  • AP-101S (left) and AP-101B general purpose computers
  • Flight deck view of ''Discovery'' during [[STS-42]] re-entry
  • Two SRBs on the mobile launcher platform prior to mating with the ET and orbiter
Space shuttle; Space Shuttles; SPACE SHUTTLE; United States Space Shuttle; U.S. Space Shuttle; Spaceshuttle; Space shuttles; Space Transport System; Space shutle; NASA Shuttles; Space shuttle launch;; Space shuttle in popular culture; NASA shuttle; NASA space shuttle; NASA space shuttles; Orbiter External Airlock; Space Shuttle airlock; Heading alignment cone
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NASA is the American government organization concerned with spacecraft and space travel. NASA is an abbreviation for 'National Aeronautics and Space Administration'.


NASA (disambiguation)

NASA is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NASA or Nasa may also refer to: