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Nw; NW (disambiguation); N.W.; N.w.; Nw.; N W; N.W

n. nord-ovest
Northwest Territories         
  • Entrance to [[Yellowknife Airport]], the largest [[airport]] in the territory
  • [[Dempster Highway]], south of [[Inuvik]]
  • Aerial view of the [[Diavik Diamond Mine]] in the [[North Slave Region]]
  • Members of the [[Coppermine expedition]] caught by a storm in [[Coronation Gulf]], August 1821
  • The chamber of the [[Northwest Territories Legislative Building]]
  • alt=A metallic white sign on a gray background with a red and blue depiction of a building at the top. Below it is text in blue saying "Eye Clinic" in English, French and the other nine official territorial languages
  • Administrative regions of the Northwest Territories
  • national parks and reserves]] in the Northwest Territories
  • Map of the [[North-Western Territory]] and [[Rupert's Land]], 1859
  • Köppen climate types in the Northwest Territories
  • A proclamation concerning the formation of the North-West Territories, from recently transferred territories to the Canadian government
  • A [[snow fort]] at the annual [[Snowking Winter Festival]] in Yellowknife
North-West Territories; Northwest Terrritory; Northwest Territory, Canada; North West Territories; Northwest Territories, Canada; Northwest territories; NW Territories; Denedeh; The Northwest Territories; Denendeh; CA-NT; Territoires du Nord-Ouest; GNWT; Northwest Territorian; Les Territoires du Nord-Ouest; Climate of the Northwest Territories; Canadian Northwest Territories; Official Languages Act (Northwest Territories); Transportation in the Northwest Territories; Languages of the Northwest Territories; Culture of the Northwest Territories; Economy of the Northwest Territories; Economy of Northwest Territories; Northwest Territories, CA
Northern Territories (regione nel nord del Canada)
White House         
  • Lincoln]] administration, 1860s
  • The White House complex and vicinity, viewed from the north with the [[Potomac River]], [[Jefferson Memorial]] and [[Washington Monument]] to the south
  • An aerial view of the White House complex, from north. In the foreground is [[Pennsylvania Avenue]], closed to traffic. Center: [[Executive Residence]] (1792–1800) with North Portico (1829) facing; left: [[East Wing]] (1942); right: [[West Wing]] (1901), with the [[Oval Office]] (1934) at its southeast corner.
  • Red Room]] as designed by [[Stéphane Boudin]] during the presidency of John F. Kennedy
  • Washington]].
  • Drawing of [[Andrea Palladio]]'s ''Project for Francesco et Lodovico de Trissini'' from the book ''[[I quattro libri dell'architettura]]'', 1570
  • elevation]] by [[James Hoban]]. His three-story, nine-bay original submission was altered into this two-story, 11-bay design.
  • Truman]] reconstruction, 1949–1952. A steel structure is built within the exterior shell.
  • For security reasons, the section of Pennsylvania Avenue on the north side of the White House is closed to all vehicular traffic, except government officials.
  • A uniformed US Secret Service Agent on [[Pennsylvania Avenue]]
  • U.S. $20 bill]] since 1998; an illustration of the south side was used for 70 years before this.
  • Additions proposed by architect Frederick D. Owen (1901)
  • The North Portico of the White House compared to [[Leinster House]]
  • 1846}}
  • Entrance Hall in 1882, showing the new Tiffany glass screen
1600 Pennsylvania Ave; The White House; The WhiteHouse; User:Niteowlneils/csdornot/white house; White house; THE WHITE HOUSE; 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.; 1600 Pennsylvania; White House, District of Columbia; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW; 20500; The Whitehouse; White House solar panels; United States White House; White Home; US White House; 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; @WhiteHouse; White House Complex; Residence of the President of the United States; White House complex
Casa Bianca; governo americano


¦ abbreviation
1. north-west.
2. north-western.



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