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Microsoft Corporation v. AT&T Corp.; Microsoft v. At&T Corp.; MICROSOFT CORP. v. AT&T CORP.; Microsoft v AT&T; Microsoft v. AT&T; Microsoft Corp. v. AT & T Corp.; 550 U.S. 437; Microsoft Corporation v. AT&T Corporation; Microsoft Corp. v AT&T Corp.

SBC Communications Inc.         
  • AT&T office in [[San Antonio]], Texas
  • [[AT&T Midtown Center]] in [[Atlanta]], Georgia
  • EFF]] court filings<ref name=kleinex/>
  • CEO [[Randall L. Stephenson]] at the 2008 [[World Economic Forum]]
  • [[AT&T Center]] in [[San Antonio]], Texas
AT and T; American Telephone and Telegraph Company; A.T.& T.; SBC Communications Inc.; SBC Communications Incorporated; 1-800-CALL-ATT; Southwestern Bell Corporation; SBC communications; 10-10-345 Lucky Dog; 10-10-345; SBC East; AT&T, Inc.; At&t; 10-10-345 Lucky Dog Phone Company; Sbc communications; Southwestern Bell Corp.; AT&T d/b/a names; SBC (1984-2005); AT&T Inc;; Sbcglobal; At & t; AT+T; NYSE:T; 1800-dial-att; AT&T logo; At&T; SBC Communications, Inc.; The New AT&T;; AT&T+SBC; At t; AT&T Connect; AT&T Inc.; Interwise; Ma Bell 2.0; ATandT; A.T.&T.; A. T. & T.; User:The Navigators/SBC Communications; SBC AT&T; 1800-CALL-ATT; 1-800-225-5288; The new American Telephone and Telegraph; Criticism of AT&T; At7t; SBC Communication, Inc.; Your world. Delivered.; Rethink possible.; AT&T payphone; SBC Global Networks; AT&T (2006); SBC BellSouth; The world's networking company.; AT&T America; AT&T Incorporated; AT&T Business; AT&T Telephone; America's largest telephone company; At&T Inc; SBC Corporation; SBC Global; ATNT; AT&T International; @ATT; AT&T Advertising and Analytics; SBCGlobal; American Tel. & Tel.; Acquisition of WarnerMedia by AT&T; My AT&T; AT&T Global Info Solutions
n. (Telecommunicaties) Amerikaans telefoonbedrijf met hoofdkwartier in San Antonio (Texas, V.S.), nationale leverancier van stem en data telecommunicatieproducten en diensten klanten en zaken
  • A woman wearing a T-shirt with an architectural motif
  • A blue crew neck T-shirt
  • T-shirt day in [[Leipzig]], [[Germany]]
  • ''A Streetcar named Desire'']].
  • Ringer T-shirt
  • An example of a [[tie-dye]]d T-shirt
  • US Merchant Marine]] sailor in 1944
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Model T         
  • 1908 Ford Model T advertisement
  • 1919 Model T stakebed
  • View of the driver's controls, 1920 Model{{nbsp}}T
  • Ford assembly line, 1913
  • Model T rolling chassis – top view
  • The suspension components of a Ford Model&nbsp;T. The coil-spring device is an aftermarket accessory, the "Hassler shock absorber".
  • Model T engine
  • The three pedal controls clutch, brake, reverse of the Model{{nbsp}}T
AMERICAN CAR (1908-1927)
Model T; Ford Model-T; Tin Lizzie; Model-T; Ford t; Tin Lizzy; Model T Ford; Ford T; Ford T Model; T Model; T ford; Tin lizzie; Ford model t; Model-T Fords; Model-T Ford; Frontenac (racing car); Model t
automodel door Ford Motor Company geproduceerd tussen de jaren 1909-27, eerste auto die succes had in massaproductie op een lopende band


Microsoft Corp. v. AT&T Corp.

Microsoft Corp. v. AT&T Corp., 550 U.S. 437 (2007), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Supreme Court reversed a previous decision by the Federal Circuit and ruled in favor of Microsoft, holding that Microsoft was not liable for infringement on AT&T's patent under 35 U.S.C. § 271(f).

In this case, Microsoft exported abroad the "master version" of its Windows software disk, which incorporated a speech processing function claimed by one of AT&T's patents, with the intent that such software be copied abroad for installation onto foreign-manufactured computers.

According to the Supreme Court, liability for such unauthorized replication and installation would have to arise under the patent laws of those foreign countries, not the U.S. Patent Act. Although AT&T argued that the Supreme Court's decision actually created a "loophole" for software makers to avoid liability under § 271(f), the Supreme Court explained that it is Congress, not the Court, that is responsible for addressing any such loopholes.

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1. AT&T Inc. was formed by SBC‘s acquisition of AT&T Corp. in November.
2. AT&T Inc. includes the AT&T Corp. and SBC Communications Inc.
3. Wait, 61, invested the early retirement buyout she took from AT&T Corp. in 1''8.
4. AT&T Corp. struck a deal to buy cable TV giant Tele–Communications for $31.7 billion.
5. NSA has been working with three major phone companies –– Verizon, AT&T Corp. and BellSouth Corp.