ATV$95751$ - vertaling naar nederlands
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ATV$95751$ - vertaling naar nederlands

ATV (spacecraft); ATV (television); Atv; ATV (disambiguation); ATVs; ATV (TV station); ATV Corporation

terreinwagen, wagen voor alle soorten terrein
all-terrain vehicle         
  • 1984 Honda ATC200S, one of the many three-wheeled models made by Honda and other manufacturers
  • ATVs are popular in [[Saudi Arabia]]
  • ATV racing on a motocross track
  • ATVs in [[New Brunswick]], Canada. Note that one of them is plated, an obligation in New Brunswick to legally cross and roll on roads for a maximum of a few hundred meters.
  • off-road race]] in Estonia, 2009
  • Plinked]] sign in a [[Special Areas of Conservation]] in Ireland, indicating that ATVs are forbidden.
  • 6x6 Polaris Big Boss in use by the Norwegian military in Afghanistan.
  • Quad bike two-wheel trick-riding on sand dune.
  • Driving an ATV on a paved road in the [[Netherlands]]
  • ATV with a [[tow spreader]] mounted
  • date=7 July 2009}}</ref>
  • Roll-over protection]] fitted 4x4 used by the US Marines Special Operations
All terrain vehicle; All terrain cycles; All terrain cycle; Quadbike; 4-wheeler; All-terrain vehicles; Quad bike; Four-wheeler; All Terrain Vehicle; All Terrain vehicle; All terrain Vehicle; All-Terrain Vehicle; Quad-bike; Quadbikes; 4 wheeler; Quad bikes; Three-wheeled all-terrain vehicle; Quad biking; All-terrain cycle; All Terrain Cycle
veldauto,een auto die op alle soorten terrein kan rijden (ATV)


¦ abbreviation N. Amer. all-terrain vehicle.



ATV may refer to: