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Abdus Salam - vertaling naar Engels

Dr Abdus Salam; Prof Dr Abdus Salam; Mohammad Abdus Salam; Muhammad Abdus Salam
  • Oriental Institute]]
  • A commemorative stamp honouring Abdus Salam
  • The grave of Abdus Salam at [[Rabwah]], Pakistan with the word 'Muslim' obscured.
  • Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics]] was founded by Salam in 1964.
  • Abdus Salam with Pakistani intellectual Syed Qasim Mahmood in 1986
  • [[St John's College, Cambridge]] is where Salam studied.

Abdus Salam         
n. Abdus Salam, (1926-1996) Pakistaanse fysicus die de Nobelprijs voor Fysica won in 1927 samen met Steven Weinberg en Lee Glashow
n. Abdus, Arabische voornaam; Abdus Salam (1926-1996), Pakistaans fysicus die de Nobel Prijs voor Fysica won in 1927 samen met Steven Weinberg en Lee Glashow
n. Weinberg, familienaam; Steven Weinberg (geboren 1933), Amerikaanse nucleaire natuurkundige die de Nobelprijs voor Natuurkunde won in 1979 samen met Abdus Salam en Lee Glashow


(salaams, salaaming, salaamed)
When someone salaams, they bow with their right hand on their forehead. This is used as a formal and respectful way of greeting someone in India and Muslim countries.
He looked from one to the other of them, then salaamed and left.
Some Muslims greet people by saying 'Salaam'.


Abdus Salam

Mohammad Abdus Salam (; pronounced [əbd̪ʊs səlaːm]; 29 January 1926 – 21 November 1996) was a Pakistani theoretical physicist and a Nobel Prize laureate. He shared the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics with Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg for his contribution to the electroweak unification theory. He was the first Pakistani and the first Muslim from an Islamic country to receive a Nobel Prize in science and the second from an Islamic country to receive any Nobel Prize, after Anwar Sadat of Egypt.

Salam was scientific advisor to the Ministry of Science and Technology in Pakistan from 1960 to 1974, a position from which he played a major and influential role in the development of the country's science infrastructure. Salam contributed to numerous developments in theoretical and particle physics in Pakistan. He was the founding director of the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO), and responsible for the establishment of the Theoretical Physics Group (TPG). For this, he is viewed as the "scientific father" of this program. In 1974, Abdus Salam departed from his country, in protest, after the Parliament of Pakistan passed unanimously a parliamentary bill declaring members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, to which Salam belonged, non-Muslims. In 1998, following the country's Chagai-I nuclear tests, the Government of Pakistan issued a commemorative stamp, as a part of "Scientists of Pakistan", to honour the services of Salam.

Salam's notable achievements include the Pati–Salam model, magnetic photon, vector meson, Grand Unified Theory, work on supersymmetry and, most importantly, electroweak theory, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize. Salam made a major contribution in quantum field theory and in the advancement of Mathematics at Imperial College London. With his student, Riazuddin, Salam made important contributions to the modern theory on neutrinos, neutron stars and black holes, as well as the work on modernising quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. As a teacher and science promoter, Salam is remembered as a founder and scientific father of mathematical and theoretical physics in Pakistan during his term as the chief scientific advisor to the president. Salam heavily contributed to the rise of Pakistani physics within the global physics community. Up until shortly before his death, Salam continued to contribute to physics, and to advocate for the development of science in third-world countries.

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1. TWAS was created in 1'83 in Italy, under the leadership of the late Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam of Pakistan, to promote scientific capacity and excellence for sustainable development.
2. They also identified another intermediary negotiating for the Korean hostages‘ release as Mullah Abdus Salam Rocketi, a Taliban turncoat who now sits in the National Assembly in Kabul.
3. Director General Prisons, Abdus Salam Asmat told this news agency that our employee must be compensated for the baseless allegations against them.
4. Mohammad Naeem, 28, told AFP: "My brother Abdus Salam, who was a truck driver, returned to the village last night from duty and went to sleep in his room.
5. Twelve inspection teams set up by the BGMEA would conduct spot visits as part of an industry drive to put its house in order or face losing orders to other countries, said the body’s acting president Abdus Salam Morshedi.