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Adriatic Sea - vertaling naar nederlands

Adriatic Sea         
  • Adriatic Microplate]] boundaries
  • Depth of the Adriatic Sea
  • benthic currents}}
  • MAS]]
  • Bari
  • Battle of Lissa]], 1811
  • The [[Duce]] [[Benito Mussolini]] in a beach of [[Riccione]], in 1932
  • alt=Looping river
  • The [[Republic of Venice]] was a leading maritime power in Europe
  • Battle of Lissa]], 1866
  • Gjipe Canyon]] in southern Albania, where the Adriatic Sea meets the Ionian Sea
  • [[Pebble]] beach at [[Brač]] island, in the Adriatic Sea within Croatia
  • Mosaic of [[Emperor Justinian]] and his court, from the [[Basilica of San Vitale]] in [[Ravenna]], Italy
  • Fishing boat]] in Croatia
  • [[Karavasta Lagoon]] in Albania
  • As seen from the map, most of the landmass surrounding the Adriatic sea is classified as ''Cfa'', with the southern region (near the [[Ionian sea]]) being ''Csa''.
  • [[Kornati]] National Park
  • MOSE Project north of [[Lido di Venezia]]
  • A map of [[Renaissance Italy]] and the [[Venetian Empire]] on the Adriatic coast c. 1494
  • Durrës
  • A [[Trabucco]], old fishing machine typical of [[Abruzzo]] region in Italy
  • Port of [[Trieste]], the largest cargo port in the Adriatic
  • Coast of [[Mount Conero]] in Italy
  • alt=Greenish band around the Adriatic coast of Italy
  • The town of [[Izola]] in the [[Gulf of Koper]], southwestern Slovenia
  • [[Pula Arena]], one of the six largest surviving Roman amphitheatres
  • [[Isole Tremiti]] protected area
  • Trieste
  • Venice
  • submarine spring]] near [[Omiš]], observed through sea surface rippling
Adriatic; Adriatic Coast; Adriatic coast; Mare hadriaticum; Adriatic sea; Jadransko more; Jadransko morje; Pollution of the Adriatic Sea; Adriaticum Mare; Flora and fauna of the Adriatic Sea; The Adriatic; History of the Adriatic Sea
de Adriatische Zee (uitbreiding van de Middellandse Zee tussen Italië en Joegoslavië)
Caspian Sea         
  • Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan
  • [[Baku]], the capital of [[Azerbaijan]], is the largest city by the Caspian Sea.
  • tadpole gobies]] (''Benthophilus'') are found only in the Caspian Sea basin.<ref name=Naseka2009/>
  • A New and Accurate Map of the Caspian Sea by the Soskam Sabbus & [[Emanuel Bowen]], 1747
  • Area around the Caspian Sea. Yellow area indicates the (approximate) drainage area.
  • Caspian Sea near [[Aktau]], Mangystau Region, [[Kazakhstan]]
  • Caspian region oil and natural gas infrastructure. August 2013.
  • Caspian Sea (Bahr ul-Khazar). 10th century map by Ibn Hawqal.
  • Illustration of two [[Caspian tiger]]s, extinct in the region since the 1970s
  • Alborz Mountain Range]].
  • Southern Caspian Energy Prospects (portion of Iran). Country Profile 2004.
  • Cheleken]] field ([[Turkmenistan]])
  • Oil pipelines in the Caspian region. September 2002
  • Dagestan]], is the third-largest city on the Caspian Sea.
Caspian sea; Mazandaran Sea; Caspian seas; Khvaliskoye; Mazandaran sea; Mazanderan Sea; Caspian region; Caspian Ocean; Hyrcanian Ocean; Hyrcanian Sea; Caspian Sea basin; Caspian area; Caspian Sea Region; Sea of Baku; Sea of Caspia; The Caspian Sea; Kaspiyskoye more; Kaspiy teñizi; Daryā-i Xazar; Daryā-i Māzandarān; Hazar deňizi; Каспи́йское мо́ре; Xəzər dənizi; Каспий теңізі; Daryā-e Kāspiyan; دریای کاسپین; Daryā-e Xazar; دریای خزر; Pollution of the Caspian Sea; History of the Caspian Sea
Kaspische Zee (zee tussen Zuid-Oost Europa en Azië)
South China Sea         
  • South China Sea
  • Millions of barrels of crude oil are traded through the South China Sea each day
  • Sunset on the South China Sea off [[Mũi Né]] village on the south-east coast of [[Vietnam]]
  • Island claims in the South China Sea
  • Map of various countries occupying the [[Spratly Islands]]
Bien Dong; Biên Dông; South China Seas; Luzon Sea; Luzón Sea; South Sea (South China Sea); South China sea; Nan Zhong Guo Hai; The South China Sea; East Vietnam Sea; East Sea (Vietnam); Southeast Asian Sea; 南中国海; 南支那海; S China Sea; Biển Đông; Dong Sea; ASEAN Sea; Sea of Cham; Champa Sea; S.China Sea; Natural resources of the South China Sea
Zuid-Chinazee (gedeelte van de Stille Oceaan tussen Zuidoost-Azië, de Filipijnen en Maleisië)


the Adriatic
the Adriatic sea.


Adriatic Sea
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1. how it progressively controlled the Adriatic Sea,
2. It's on the Adriatic Sea, and it has some coastline.
Lonely Planet's The Best in Travel 2013 _ Robert Reid _ Talks at Google
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1. Croatia‘s most famous beach, Zlatni Rat, is on the island of Brac in the Adriatic Sea.
2. The Isonzo flows from the Julian Alps to the Adriatic Sea, traversing the forbidding Karst.
3. The mountainous republic on the Adriatic Sea has about 650,000 people.
4. The scientists say the Adriatic Sea has seen an even larger temperature hike of around four degrees Celsius.
5. The division between anti– and pro–independence groups is deeply rooted in the history of the small Adriatic Sea republic.