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Alfons$530381$ - vertaling naar Engels

Alfons Åberg; Alfons Aberg

n. Alfons, mannelijke voornaam; Alfons Jakob (1884-1931), neuropsychiater naar wie CJD was vernoemd


Alfie Atkins

Alfie Atkins (Swedish: Alfons Åberg) is a fictional character created by the author Gunilla Bergström from Sweden in 1972. Alfie Atkins appears in books and animated cartoons. Alfie plays the role of a normal child, living with his father. During his younger years he had an imaginary friend named Malcolm (Mållgan in Swedish; Moggie in English TV version), that only Alfie could see. Later, he gets real friends such as Milla and Victor (Viktor). He also has a housecat named Puzzle (Pussel).

In the books, Alfie experiences many ordinary everyday events that kids can easily recognize. In his longing to grow up and be a big boy, Alfie often competes with his father on who can manage these events in the best way. Alfie's father is a nice and positive man. Women appear less frequently in the stories: Alfie has an aunt named Fifi (Fiffi) and a grandmother, but no mother is present.

The first book about Alfie, Goodnight, Alfie Atkins (Godnatt, Alfons Åberg), came out in 1972. There are 24 books in the Alfie series, along with seven other Alfie books for smaller children. The books have been translated into 29 different languages. The books are written and illustrated by Gunilla Bergström.

Alfie Atkins is named Alfons Åberg in Swedish and Danish, Willi Wiberg in German, Albert Åberg in Norwegian, Albert Albertson in Polish, Einar Áskell in Icelandic, Mikko Mallikas in Finnish, Ifan Bifan in Welsh, Eliyahu in Hebrew and Frančkov Fonzek in Slovenian. Since September 2020, he also exists in France where his name is Alphonse Aubert.

The publishing company of the books is Rabén & Sjögren and Julia MacRae Books.

The last book was published in 2012, nine years before Gunilla Bergström died at the age of 79.