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Alsatian$2553$ - vertaling naar nederlands

Alsation; Alsatians; Alsatian (disambiguation)

n. Elzaser, inwoner van Elzas
German shepherd         
  • White Swiss Shepherd Dog
  • A nine-week-old puppy
  • A common breed club's goal for German Shepherd body conformity, criticised by the UK Kennel Club
  • Illustration from 1909
  • Museum of Veterinary Anatomy]] of [[São Paulo]], Brazil
  • Sable bitch (left) and dog (right)
  • An infant with two dogs
  • White Shepherd
  • [[Max von Stephanitz]], the founder of the breed (with [[Horand von Grafrath]]), circa 1900
  • Shiloh Shepherd
  • [[Strongheart]], one of the earliest canine stars (1921)
  • East-European Shepherd
Alsatian dog; Alsatian (dog breed); German shepherd; Shiloh Shepherd dog; Schäferhund; Schaferhund; German shepard; German sheperd; Alsatian Dog; German shephard; East German Shepherd Dog; Shiloh Shepherds; German shephards; German Shepard; German Shepherd Dogs; German Shepherd dog; German Shepard Dog; German shepards; Schaeferhund; German Shepherds; Shiloh Shepherd; King Shepherd; Panda Shepherd; German Shpherd; German shepherds; Deutscher Schäferhund; Deutscher Schaferhund; German sheperds in war; German Shepherd dogs; German Sheppard; Schniebley; Czech Shepherd; Alsation dog; German Shepherd Dog; Alsatian (dog); Alsatian Wolf Dog; German Shephard; German Shepard dog; Shiloh Shepherd Dog; German shepherd dog; Shiloh shepherd dog; Shiloh shepherd; Alsatian wolf dog
duitse herder


An Alsatian is a large, usually fierce dog that is often used to guard buildings or by the police to help them find criminals. (BRIT; in AM, use German shepherd
= German shepherd



Alsatian may refer to:

  • The Alsace region of France
  • Alsatians (people), a person from the Alsace region of France or a speaker of the Alsatian language
  • Alsatian dialect, the language or dialect of the Alsace region of northeast France
  • German Shepherd, a breed of dog also known as an Alsatian in the UK
  • "Alsatian Cousin", the first track on Morrissey's 1988 debut album, Viva Hate