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billowy - перевод на русский




общая лексика


пересечённый (о местности)

вздымающийся (о волнах)

волнистый, пересеченный (о местности)

поэтическое выражение

вздымающийся (о волнах и т. п.)

billowy adj. 1) вздымающийся (о волнах) 2) волнистый, пересеченный (о местности)
billowy skirts      
[разг.] пышные юбки


Surging, rolling, heaving, full of surges or billows.
Fluctuating, rising and falling, heaving, undulating.
Примеры произношения для billowy
1. pieces, they're probably wearing billowy, maybe
Queen of Hearts _ Brooklyn Cast of Company XIV's _ Talks at Google
Примеры употребления для billowy
1. Rahmani crafted sleeves out of the billowy pleats of the burqa.
2. As in the original "Big Momma‘s House," Martin Lawrence layers on the bulges and dons billowy, floral–print dresses, along with a wig.
3. In the villages, they lurk warily behind the billowy folds of an elder‘s shalwar pants, emerging only to accept an offer of candy or a toy.
4. There were plenty of more colorful options, including seafoam–colored chiffon strapless gown with draping all over the top –– down below the hips –– and then a billowy handkerchief hem and a nude–colored chiffon crisscross draped bodice gown.
5. The Thames is special: its depth means you can travel for miles without grazing your knees, and press your nose right up close to the yellow water lilies and billowy trees that line its banks.