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bin vibrator - перевод на русский

Vibrator power supply; Vibrator power supplies; Vibrator power unit; Vibrator supply
  • chopper]] amplifier in polygraph input amplifier.
  • Schematic diagram of a typical circuit to convert low voltage DC to high voltage DC
  • octal base]]s. The one on the right has been stripped of the aluminum cap so the inner components can be seen.

bin vibrator      

строительное дело

вибратор бункера (базы) (для облегчения опорожнений)

bin vibrator      
вибратор бункера (базы) (для облегчения опорожнений)
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  • Portraits of King Salman and Prince Mohammed at the [[Jenadriyah]] festival
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  • GCC]]+3 summit in [[Jeddah]], 16 July 2022
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1. mobile broadband system
мобильная широкополосная система
2. maximum burst size
максимальный размер посылки


A vibrator is an electric device which vibrates. It is used in massage to reduce pain, or to give sexual pleasure.


Vibrator (electronic)

A vibrator is an electromechanical device that takes a DC electrical supply and converts it into pulses that can be fed into a transformer. It is similar in purpose (although greatly different in operation) to the solid-state power inverter.

Before the development of switch-mode power supplies and the introduction of semiconductor devices operating off low voltage, there was a requirement to generate voltages of about 50 to 250 V DC from a vehicle's battery. A vibrator was used to provide pulsating DC which could be converted to a higher voltage with a transformer, rectified, and filtered to create higher-voltage DC. It is essentially a relay using normally closed contacts to supply power to the relay coil, thus immediately breaking the connection, only to be reconnected very quickly through the normally closed contacts. It happens so rapidly it vibrates, and sounds like a buzzer. This same rapidly pulsing contact applies the rising and falling DC voltage to the transformer which can step it up to a higher voltage.

The primary use for this type of circuit was to operate vacuum tube radios in vehicles, but it also saw use with other mobile electronic devices with a 6 or 12 V accumulator, especially in places with no mains electricity supply such as farms. These vibrator power supplies became popular in the 1940s, replacing more bulky motor-generator systems for the generation of AC voltages for such applications. Vacuum tubes require plate voltages ranging from about 45 volts to 250 volts in electronic devices such as radios. For portable radios, hearing aids and similar equipment, B batteries were manufactured with various voltage ratings. In order to provide the necessary voltage for a radio from the typical 6 or 12 volt DC supply available in a car or from a farm lighting battery, it was necessary to convert the steady DC supply to a pulsating DC and use a transformer to increase the voltage.

Vibrators often experienced mechanical malfunctions, being constantly in motion, such as the springs losing tension, and the contact points wearing down. As tubes began to be replaced by transistor based electrical systems, the need to generate such high voltages began to diminish. Mechanical vibrators fell out of production near the end of the 20th century, but solid-state electronic vibrators are still manufactured to be backwards compatible with older units.