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binary connection - перевод на русский

American Connection; American connection; AA Connection; AA connection; AAConnection; AaConnection; Aa connection; Aaconnection; American Airlines Connection; American airlines connection; American airlines Connection; American Airlines connection
  • ERJ-140]] operated by Chautauqua Airlines

binary connection      


бинарная связь

binary opposition         
Binary order; Binary thinking; Binary oppositions; Binary pair; Opposition theory



бинарная оппозиция

eclipsing binary         
  • cataclysmic variable system]]
  • The two visibly distinguishable components of [[Albireo]]
  • near-infrared H-band]], sorted according to orbital phase.
  • plasma ejection]]s from [[V Hydrae]]
  • Artist's impression of the evolution of a hot high-mass binary star
  • This video shows an artist's impression of an eclipsing binary star system. As the two stars orbit each other they pass in front of one another and their combined brightness, seen from a distance, decreases.
  • Eclipsing binary showing different phases of the smaller secondary relative to the primary star (center)
  • HD 106906]]
  • Schematic of a binary star system with one planet on an S-type orbit and one on a P-type orbit
  • Artist's impression of the binary star system [[AR Scorpii]]
  • Artist's impression of the sight from a (hypothetical) moon of planet [[HD 188753 Ab]] (upper left), which orbits a [[triple star system]]. The brightest companion is just below the horizon.
  • [[Luhman 16]], the third closest star system, contains two [[brown dwarf]]s.
Spectroscopic binary; Eclipsing binary; Telescopic binary; Detached binary; Semidetached binary; Astrometric binary; Double star system; Binary star system; Binary stars; Spectroscopic binaries; Eclipsing binaries; Companion star; Eclipsing Variable Star; Binary Star; Astrometric binaries; Binary (astronomy); Eclipsing variable; Detached binaries; Semidetached binaries; Visual binaries; Close binary; Eclipsing binary star; Eclipsing variable star; Invisible companion; Twin stars; Twin star system; Eclipsing variable stars; Binary Stars; Double Stars; Double-lined spectroscopic binary; Physical double star; Photometric binary; Hot companion; Secondary eclipse; Astrometric companion; Proper motion companion; Double sun; Binary star formation; Binary star system formation; Double-lined binary; AR Lacertae variable; Binary-star system; S type orbit; Double star systems; Primary eclipse; Binary star systems; Double suns; Compact binary; Compact binary star; Compact binary star system


двойная затмевающаяся

затменно-двойная (о планете)


eclipsing binary
¦ noun Astronomy a binary star whose brightness varies periodically as the two components pass one in front of the other.



AmericanConnection was an American flight connection service brand name for the spoke-hub of U.S. mainline carrier American Airlines, under which regional airline operator Chautauqua Airlines operated feeder flights for American Airlines at its Chicago hub. American Airlines also uses affiliated companies (corporations under common ownership) operating under the American Eagle brand to provide regional service to its other hubs in addition to the AmericanConnection service that was operated by Chautauqua Airlines.

On April 6, 2010, American moved all existing AmericanConnection operations to Chicago-O'Hare as part of its restructuring plan, eliminating service by AmericanConnection at Lambert-St. Louis.

At one time AmericanConnection operated over 180 flights a day to 21 destinations.