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Palabras que comienzan con "A": 46512
A "family partnership" is really nothing more than a limited partnership
A & C Black
A 1
A 1 at Lloyd's
A Happy New Year!
A Level
A No 1
A Statement of Basic Accounting Theory
A and M
A band
A bile
A block
A bond coupon
A business is treated as a separate economic or accounting entity
A car can be a great expense
A cash flow report will show you changes in your cash position over a period of time
A connection must be established prior to opening a communication session between end-stations
A derrick
A description of post-conditions that describe any side effects of invoking the method
A description of pre-conditions that must be satisfied if the method is to execute successfully
A dining-room extension
A disk
A driver's negligence has accounted for a bus accident
A farewell party was given for the outgoing members of the board of directors
A flute
A frame
A horizon
A interface
A league
A line
A number dependent function
A number of the menu entries have an accelerator key associated with them
A one
A pledged asset is returned to the borrower when all conditions of the debt have been satisfied
A plus
A pole
A portion of the land remained unappropriated
A positive
A predicate name with its arguments written in parentheses this way is called a "goal"
A programmable timer/counter with 8-bit prescaler provides periodic interrupt generation
A review of accounts reveals a severe shortage of reconstruction funds
A secure computer is one that's turned off
A side of building
A sweep
A tax hike on company-owned cars will likely further depress sales
A thousand pages of content are worthless if there is no structure or navigation
A to D converter
A type is only subtype of another type if it is declared to be so
A year end adjustment will be made to the general ledger
A&M Agricultural and Mechanical
A* search
A-B transition
A-B-C book
A-N interlock
A-N radio range