Dizionario in linea
Dizionario in linea

Dizionario inglese-russo

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Parole che iniziano con "(": 289
(Board of) Greencloth
(Book of) Proverbs
(British) hearts of oak
(CD-I) compact disk interactive
(English) Churchism
(God) bless /save/ the mark
(Good) Lord!, Good Lord Almighty!
(Hoffman) ring kiln
(Holy) Innocents' day
(I'll be) damned if I go there
(I'm) much obliged (to you)
(I'm) sorry!, (I'm) so sorry!
(I) don't care a curse!
(Lord High) Steward of England
(Lord) Steward of the King's Household
(Most Serene) Republic of San Marino
(Most) Holy Father
(O/D) on demand
(ODC) Open Database Connectivity
(Pauli) exclusion principle
(Republican) presidential nominee
(a course of) lectures on Greek philosophy
(a little bit) off the top
(a queer feeling) in the pit of the stomach
(a) colour scheme
(a) habitual faith
(a) peace was signed between the two countries
(a) quarter to five
(a) reference to a previous conversation
(a) thousand and one
(a) year and (a) day
(according) to schedule
(all) by herself
(all) by himself
(all) by itself
(all) by myself
(all) by oneself
(all) by ourselves
(all) by themselves
(all) in a /in one, in the same/ breath
(all) in one
(all) of a piece, of one piece with
(all) paw-paw words are omitted
(all) pro and contra
(all) such as are of my opinion lift up their hands
(all) the more so, as /because/ ...
(and) that's that
(and) then again, I feel doubtful whether ...
(any) other business
(as) clean as a new pin
(as) clean as a whistle
(as) clear as a bell
(as) clear as day
(as) clear as that two and two make four
(as) cold as charity
(as) common as dirt
(as) deaf as a post
(as) fair as a lily ‹as a rose›
(as) fat as a pig
(as) fat as butter
(as) fit as a fiddle
(as) for the rest
(as) fresh as paint
(as) full as an egg is of meat
(as) funny as a crutch!
(as) fussy as a hen with one chick
(as) gaudy as a peacock
(as) gayas a lark
(as) jolly as a sandboy