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Dizionario in linea

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Parole che iniziano con "I": 31579
I (don't) like coffee, do you?
I (should) hardly think so
I O controller
I Zingari
I abhor such talk
I abide by what I said
I abominate liars
I accept it without reservation
I accept the correctness of your statement
I accomplished the errand without mishap
I account him a hero
I accounted for three of the attackers
I accredited his tale
I ached to see him
I acted on good grounds
I added him up at a glance
I adjure you to speak the truth
I admire him for his courage
I admire your nerve!
I admit it to be true
I adore your new dress
I advert to what I have just said
I advise you to have nothing to do with that man
I advise you to stay in bed
I advised him to command his temper
I affirm that it is true
I agree with some of what you say
I agree with what has fallen from the last speaker
I agree with you, but yet we cannot accept your plan
I aim to be a writer
I ain't coming
I all but died
I allow that I was wrong
I almost missed the train
I already have several
I also was glad to see them
I always associate the smell of those flowers with my childhood
I always book the titles of the books lent
I always carry with me the memory of that child's face
I always confound him with his brother
I always feel depressed at this sight
I always forget dates
I always mix them up
I always photograph badly
I always reckon to go to my son's for Christmas
I always tire suddenly
I always travel second
I am (all) on my own today
I am (at) home mornings
I am /feel/ better today
I am /feel/ done up
I am /feel/ dry
I am /feel/ poorly
I am /have/ yet to learn this
I am a bad needlewoman
I am a bit tired
I am a diplomat and will be treated as such
I am a married retired man
I am a stranger here
I am a stranger in these parts
I am a worm today
I am about up to par
I am adamant on this point
I am afraid (that) we are late
I am afraid I cannot give you his address
I am afraid he will have smth. to say about it
I am afraid that we may be late
I am afraid these shoes are done for
I am afraid to wake him