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Parole che iniziano con """: 61
"A Programming Language"
"A bridge connects two pieces of wire so they look like one piece of wire"
"A touchscreen provides the simplest, most direct user interface with a computer"
"Andrew walked around the table and studied the screen of my portable"
"At the heart of our defense was a basic computer network technology called packet filtering"
"At the time, all the arcade Asteroids games were done with real vector graphics"
"Because of lax physical security, the bad guys were easily able gain access to the computer"
"But there was an indoor sport that got me through the winter: programming"
"Cracking the human firewall is often easy, requires no investment beyond the cost of a phone call"
"Dot" recording system
"Even worse, we were pretty sure he could make himself root from a normal account"
"For me it wasn't difficult becoming proficient in social engineering"
"He was speaking at 9600 baud, and I can only listen at 2400" (T. Shimomura)
"I added a few commands to the Basic interpreter that came with the machine"
"I fixed some bugs, like the one that caused it to lock up when it ran out of memory"
"I hope this is still your e-mail address"
"I remember having tons of fun calculating the sine of various random numbers"
"In contrast, a protocol-analysis system will decode the Telnet protocol and extract the login name"
"In my first year of studies, we had a VAX running VMS"
"In the 1980s and early 1990s, denial-of-service attacks were infrequent and not considered serious"
"It contains all the design mistakes you can make, and managed to even make up a few of its own."
"It meant I could stop fixing bugs for awhile and go back to development"
"Netcom had local dial-up lines in 51 cities around the country"
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"
"People are mobile, social, cooperative, and competitive agents"
"Pretty much everything you do in Unix is done with only six basic operations called "system calls"
"Robert had a script that would search through system accounting records on all the machines"
"Silicon Valley is to the United States what the United States is to the rest of the world"
"So I knew it had to be something else, and I went in and disassembled the operating system"
"So you must have this broadcast mode enabled in any switch which is running TCP/IP"
"Strict version control is necessary for legal accountability, backup and disaster recovery"
"The Internet had to be the best espionage invention ever made, Mary Patricia Foley thought"
"The POSIX standards are the lengthy rules for each of the hundreds of system calls in Unix"
"The driver that came with the floppy controller was bad so I ended up writing my own"
"The keyboard was about an inch thick because it was part of the same unit as the computer"
"The laws allow the use of monitoring where fraud or crime is suspected"
"The manuals contained a basic version of the system calls that was good enough to help me get by"
"The meeting was at Apple's headquarters on Infinity Loop Drive"
"The messages were super-encrypted with a 256-bit system specially made at the NSA"
"The operating system and the platform is about more than just a program loader or a memory manager"
"The point is that we're componentizing every device driver in this system as well"
"The security of the information infrastructure will be ever more important in the decades ahead"
"Their ciphers are a little old-fashioned, and we can brute-force them"
"There is no rule demanding that the world has to make sence"
"There were examples of simple games that you could program yourself"
"There's a protocol for numbering releases"
"Until we found exactly how my network had been attacked I couldn't go back online"
"We have constructed an experimental bipedal robot"
"We need to carry multiple keys, identification cards and badges, and other security aids"
"You write a few lines of code and suddenly life is better for a hundred million people"
"all rights reserved"
"bin" method
"dark spot"
"first choice" trunk group
"first come, first served"
"hot spot"
"jump if not" instruction
"jump if not" operation
"quiet" piling rig
"to wait arrival
"Большой взрыв"